Are you open to the public?
     Yes!  We often do projects for local folks as well as special community involvement projects.

What are your minimums?
     Actually, we don't have any minimums.  All projects are quoted on a case-by-case basis because they're all different.

Is your facility able to mass produce large quantities?
     Absolutely.  We  are equipped to handle any project quantity; large or small.

Our facility mass produces parts and components that require color coding.  How do I get a quote for this type of application?
     When large quantities are divided into color categories, we would appreciate speaking directly with you.

How long is a quote good for?
     Quotes are good for thirty days.  After thirty days, please re-submit your RFQ.

Do you have candy colors available?
     Yep.  We have the whole assortment available.

We have a particular combination for our powder coat application.  Can you customize colors?
      Yes, we definitely customize colors.  Please call us with your exact specs.

I noticed you had a broom brace on your website.  Do you manufacture these?
      Yes!  We're all set to go with this particular product and ready to run!

Do you offer stand alone sand blasting services?
     We do offer this type of service.  In fact, we've often done this type of service for the  agricultural, industrial and commercial market.